¿Qué es la neuropatía relacionada con el cáncer del seno? - Parte 1

Neuropathy pt 1

Muchas personas que han tenido cáncer de mama experimentan dolor o molestias debido a un daño en los nervios conocido como neuropatía. Los nervios controlan nuestro sentido del tacto, cómo sentimos el dolor y la temperatura, y nuestra fuerza muscular, de forma que estos cambios pueden influir en nuestra calidad de vida después del cáncer. Si bien los investigadores tienen mucho que aprender, conocemos las causas y algunas formas de manejarlo.

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What is Breast Cancer-Related Neuropathy? Part 1

Neuropathy pt 1

Many people who have had breast cancer experience pain or discomfort caused by damage to the nerves, known as neuropathy. Nerves control our sense of touch, how we feel pain and temperature, and our muscle strength, so these changes can impact our quality of life after cancer. While researchers have much to learn, we know about causes and some ways to manage it.

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Update from Zero Breast Cancer

 zero breast cancer logo vertical

Zero Breast Cancer (ZBC) is a Marin County-based nonprofit founded in 1995 that promotes breast cancer risk reduction through the translation of scientific research that supports health and wellness at key stages of life. We share this information with underserved young people and breast cancer survivors throughout the world, from California to New York and Guam to Mexico.

ZBC is announcing that Executive Director Genevieve Gandal is leaving ZBC. We all wish Ms. Gandal well in her future endeavors and thank her for her continued commitment to ZBC's success. Ms. Gandal led the organization beginning in July 2019. She was responsible for improving ZBC’s infrastructure and creating the ‘virtual’ Dipsea Hike that will run during the month of September. We hope that you will all join us for this important event.

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Picture of Black Lives Matter protesters by Clay Banks.

Dear ZBC Community,

The events of the past few weeks have been heartbreaking. We have seen yet more systemic, racist violence adding George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery to the long list of black lives taken, which has caused grief, anger, and public action in the form of national - and even global - protest.

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Folleto de actividades saludables para mayores de 5 años

 Spanish Activity Booklet pages colored with pens

¡Estamos ampliando nuestra lista de materiales previos a la pubertad! Además de la campaña La nueva pubertad de las niñas dirigida a padres/cuidadores, ahora tenemos un folleto de actividades para niñas y niños de 5 años en adelante. Descargue e imprima nuestro Folleto de actividades saludables: ¡Ser saludable se trata de sentirse lo mejor posible!

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Healthy Activity Booklet for Ages 5+

On top of a coffee table sits markers and ZBC's Healthy Activity Booklet pages that have been colored.

We’re expanding our pre-puberty materials! In addition to the Girls’ New Puberty resources directed at parents/caregivers, we now have an activity booklet for girls (and all kids) ages 5+. Download and print our Healthy Activity Booklet: Being Healthy is About Feeling Our Best!

The booklet promotes lifelong health and wellness by providing healthy action ideas to color and asking girls to draw what they like to do. There’s also a bingo activity at the end that encourages girls to follow some of the actions suggested. Topic areas include moving more, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and limiting exposure to chemicals. While it was made with girls in mind, it is not exclusively for girls. All kids who snap a picture of their favorite completed page and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will receive a certificate and, with a parent/guardian's permission, have the image posted on our Girls' New Puberty Facebook page.

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Problemas de memoria y pensamiento después del cáncer de seno

memory and thinking probs 

Este blog ha sido resumido de un artículo en el boletín de invierno 2019 del Estudio Pathways.

¿Has escuchado el término Chemo Brain o Quimiocerebro? Hasta la última década, cuando las mujeres informaban problemas de memoria y pensamiento durante o después de recibir tratamiento para el cáncer de mama, a menudo se las ignoraba. Ahora sabemos que el cáncer y el tratamiento del cáncer pueden causar estos cambios y se están realizando investigaciones sobre cómo ayudar a las personas que tienen quimiocerebro, también conocido como deterioro cognitivo relacionado con el cáncer (DCRC). Nos anima saber que la mayoría de nosotras recuperaremos nuestra función cerebral y que hay cosas que podemos hacer para lidiar con los problemas de memoria y pensamiento.

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Memory & Thinking Problems after Breast Cancer

memory and thinking probs

This blog is abstracted from an article in the Winter 2019 Pathways newsletter.

Have you heard the term Chemo Brain? Until the last decade, when women reported memory and thinking problems during or after being treated for breast cancer, they were often ignored. Now we know that cancer and cancer treatment can cause these changes and research is progressing on how to help people who have Chemo brain, also known as Cancer-related Cognitive Impairment (CRCI). We can take heart that most of us will recover our brain function and that there are things we can do to deal with memory/thinking problems.

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