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For more than 27 years, Zero Breast Cancer has translated science into actions we can each take to reduce life-long risk of breast cancer and recurrence. Now we are taking it a step further as we build our Resilient Me Health & Wellness Coaching Program to help people at high risk of breast cancer and survivors post-treatment take those healthy actions we have long promoted. Services will be offered remotely and open to people across the U.S. We plan to pilot the program in March 2024 and offer services by the end of the year. (Already interested in receiving services? Here’s a shortcut to our Interest Form to give input and join the waitlist.)

Health & Wellness Coaching is a client-led process where coaches guide individuals in setting and achieving health goals, unlocking sustainable solutions for growth. Research clearly shows that most people have an idea of what they want to do to improve their health, but they have a hard time following through and maintaining changes. By working 1:1 or in small groups with people in our communities and applying the latest behavioral science, we will help them adopt and sustain healthy habits they choose.

Our coaches will have completed National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach training and be board certified or pursuing certification. Board-certification was developed with the National Board of Medical Examiners and the effectiveness of coaching for improving well-being and clinical outcomes is well-established by scientific research. Our Coaches will work with clients on topics key to reducing risk of breast cancer and of recurrence, including physical activity, eating, sleeping, managing stress, and limiting exposure to toxins.

Zero Breast Cancer has always focused on preventing breast cancer and recurrence of the disease. In keeping with our expertise, our coaching program will be designed for people at higher risk and survivors after active treatment. People will self-identify as being at high risk; they may have inherited genetic mutations, family history of breast cancer, increased lifestyle risk factors, or increased environmental risk factors.

Breast cancer survivors are eligible any time after active treatment has ended, whether one day or twenty years. For people who are still in active treatment, we are happy to make referrals to programs specifically designed for those who have cancer.

Your input is crucial! Be a part of shaping this program and/or secure your spot on the waitlist for services by completing our Interest Form. We hope you will also share it with those in your life who may benefit from our new services.

And, of course, your support is vital in helping us build this program. Please consider making a donation today to ensure its success.

Questions? Contact Lianna Hartmour at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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