Catherine Thomsen, Mechiel Taylor, Lianna Hartmour and Anne Hartwig at Dipsea Hike 2021

As you may have heard or noticed, this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Zero Breast Cancer has a lot going on!

One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime, and breast cancer can affect people of all genders. While we can't control whether we get breast cancer and it's not our fault if it happens to us, there are some things we can do individually and as a community to make it less likely. Check out our 13 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer campaign and our page on Risk Factors We Can Change Together to learn about simple actions that can reduce the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.

Also, children's actions matter for lifetime breast cancer risk, so check out our Healthy Activity Booklet: Being Healthy is About Feeling Our Best for kids ages 5+, which is in 5 different languages and/or cultures! If you have a young girl in your life, check out our Girls' New Puberty campaign for parents/caregivers of girls ages 5-13.

What's Happening This Month

Oct. 10: ZBC Program Director Catherine Thomsen was on Both Sides of the Conversation, a weekly YouTube broadcast for Black and Brown communities, to talk about breast cancer. Catherine spoke about Zero Breast Cancer at 35 minutes and was part of a lively discussion with the hosts and two breast cancer survivors. Check out the video. 

Oct. 12 & 26 (plus Nov. 1): ZBC Program Coordinator, Mechiel Taylor, and Intern, Lindsay Huston, are going to North Bay high schools to share actions for reducing lifetime breast cancer risk with teens.

Oct. 13: Catherine spoke on the Spanish-language radio/Facebook Live show Cuerpo Corazón Comunidad. Along with the host and a breast cancer survivor, they discussed what we can do to lower our risk and that of future generations, the importance of self-advocacy, and how to support people after a cancer diagnosis. Check out the video.

Oct. 16 & 23: Our materials were included in the 2021 Resources Handout at UCSF’s Taste for the Cure, a free virtual event exploring the impact of food and science on breast health. Learn more and register here.

Oct. 21: We hotsted the 4th in our 25th Anniversary Advancing Health Equity in Breast Cancer webinar series, “Our Environment and Breast Cancer: Working Toward a Healthier Future.” Check out the video.

Oct 21: ZBC Program Director Lianna Hartmour launched the Generations campaign to engage and educate young adults and the broader community about ways to reduce exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. The webpages went live at our webinar. Click here to view.

Oct. 28: ZBC will be featured at the Cavallo Point BFF night, a chance to ask us questions and enjoy an evening of pampering. Buy tickets here.

Oct. 28: Lianna and Catherine will be presenting "Reducing Breast Cancer Risk and Promoting Heart Health" to Texas Instrument's Bay Area group.

Ways you can support these efforts:

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  • Watch our YouTube videos 
  • Donate to the Dipsea Hike for Zero Breast Cancer
  • Start a Facebook fundraiser
  • Donate in honor of a friend or relative
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