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The statistics are staggering, everyone knows of a person that has been touched by breast cancer and with all the advancements in medicine hopefully they survived. Karl Huie of Pacific Heights Cleaners climbed Mt. Shasta to create awareness for breast cancer as well as raise funds to support Zero Breast Cancer.

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Karl says, "My story is of my favorite aunt that was like my second mother. As far back as I can remember she always took care of me as if I was her son. As a child I would often ride my bike to her house after school for a snack, to play, or just to visit with her. Not to bore you so I will make a long story short. She passed away from breast cancer before she had a chance to see her kids get married or to see her grandchild. Unfortunately this ending is far too familiar, however, we can make a effort to re write the ending for someone mother, sister, daughter, son, or brother."

Pacific Heights Cleaners was honored with the 2009 Francine Levien Activist Award for leading the San Francisco Bay Area in cleaning garments with a certified green dry clean system. The Wet Clean system uses a water based cleaning solution consisting of a hypoallergenic soap and conditioner in place of a chemical solvent. As with the dry cleaning, the laundry is just as green and sustainable. In place of high alkaline detergent a plant base soap is used that is much gentler on your garments. The end result is a cleaner garment with more vibrant colors that will last longer. Pacific Heights Cleaners takes the time to care for your garments, using the products that care for your health, as well as care enough to give back to our community.


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