Chief of Oncology
Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Medical Center

In 2011, ZBC recognized Krista Muirhead, MD, Chief of Oncology at the Kaiser San Rafael Medical Center, for her medical expertise and compassionate care of women facing breast cancer, and for her leadership of Kaiser's integrated cancer care model.

A Marin native, Dr. Muirhead became interested in oncology during her residency training at UCSF, where she regularly saw patients’ remarkable strengths in facing life-altering diagnoses. Breast cancer patients continue to resonate personally with Dr. Muirhead, as she has experienced countless women managing to find meaning and enjoyment of life beyond the illness. She notes "the diagnosis doesn't control them, they get through their treatment and become whole again." Dr. Muirhead individualizes and personalizes her care for women with breast cancer, whether encouraging their participation in clinical trial research, referring them to support groups, or spending time in the exam room helping women to deal with critical treatment decisions and the emotional stress of breast cancer.

As one who enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, Dr. Muirhead admits that she gets her biggest "high" when she's at work, treating and offering wisdom and comfort to breast cancer patients, whether for a first diagnosis or a recurrence of the disease. She is known to her colleagues as a complete physician - one who exudes confidence, demonstrates competence, and has a collaborative attitude in leading and supporting all members of the medical and professional care team.

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