Honor Thy Healer Awards Archive


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Between 2002 and 2016, Zero Breast Cancer held an annual dinner in Mill Valley, California known as Honor Thy Healer. These events provided an opportunity for the community to recognize individuals and organizations who made an impact on:

  • The search for environmental causes of breast cancer
  • Breast cancer prevention
  • Those living with breast cancer

The work of the recipients was recognized in five different award categories. Click on a category below and discover personal stories about how the research has progressed over the last two decades; how businesses have done well by doing good; how healthcare professionals, friends, family members and colleagues play unique roles in supporting people with breast cancer, as they strive to get, and stay, well. We invite you to stay awhile, explore and enjoy the videos

Community Breast Cancer Researchers

We honor research scientists and teams who engage and collaborate with the community in the process of discovering environmental factors that may play a role in breast cancer.

Hal Brown Shining Stars

A tribute to leaders of businesses, non-profits, and healthcare organizations who work to improve the community’s health and support Zero Breast Cancer’s ideals and goals.

Francine Levien Activists

These individuals, organizations, businesses and community health or environmental activists are honored for their outstanding efforts on behalf of our community, embodying the spirit of Zero Breast Cancer’s founder.

Healing Partners

We salute exceptional individuals who have supported a friend or family member through their journey with breast cancer or who have made a contribution that supports those affected by breast cancer.

Healing Professionals

 Distinguished healthcare providers (medical, clinical and/or complementary care) are recognized for providing the highest quality treatment and support to people with breast cancer.

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