Consulting Oncologist, Private Practice, Medical Oncology
California Pacific Medical Center, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Richard J. Cohen, MD, a San Francisco hematologist and medical oncologist in private practice and a consultant at the California Pacific Medical Center was presented the Healing Professional Award in 2006. A distinguished Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Cohen's patients nominated him for this award because they believe he is a talented physician who has extended their survival through his willingness to try newer cancer treatments. He is optimistic about the scientific progress of more effective medical therapies for breast cancer. He has been a medical staff leader and a published medical author.

Throughout his decades-long practice with hundreds of Bay Area women, Dr. Cohen has helped younger breast cancer patients to juggle the timing of their breast cancer treatments with their goals of having children. He believes in fully informing women of all ages and working in partnership with each patient to address difficult treatment decisions and the prospect of hope for resuming a meaningful life. Dr. Cohen was recently awarded the Dr. Charlotte Baer Award for his outstanding contributions as a member of the Clinical Faculty at the University of California San Francisco Medical School. He has shared his wisdom in the art and science of medicine, teaching scores of future physicians. Richard Cohen believes that it is a privilege to serve as a healer of breast cancer, and to apply his considerable knowledge to treating women facing this disease. He feels fortunate for the lives he has touched - and so do his patients.

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