Teen Cooks

ceres award 2016 V2

Since 2000, Zero Breast Cancer’s Annual May Dinner and Awards (previously known as Honor Thy Healer) has provided an opportunity for breast cancer patients and survivors to share stories about family members, friends, employers and other groups that have helped and supported them through an often scary and always challenging time in their lives, undergoing breast cancer treatment. These good Samaritans contribute in pivotal ways to the healing process.

ZBC is truly inspired by the teen cooks of the Ceres Community Project who prepare delicious and nutritious meals for breast and other cancer patients and their families. They do so under the supervision of expert nutritionists and chefs. The teens sign up for a regular schedule of prep and cooking sessions for a few months to several years. All of these young people make a commitment and have an impact. Meals are delivered to the patients and their families weekly – infused with love and messages of support prepared by elementary school volunteers.

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