For Supporting Roni Peskin-Mentzer

The 2011 Healing Partner Award is presented to Susan Mulvey for her sage support of Roni Peskin-Mentzer, Emeritus Director of Zero Breast Cancer.

The bond between Susan and Roni was formed early on through a shared enjoyment of hiking, outdoor sports and creative pursuits. It evolved into a healing partnership in 2009 with the disappointing news of Roni’s second breast cancer recurrence. Roni describes her gratitude to her healing partner: "I didn't have to reach out ­she offered to go with me to my infusion sessions at UCSF and continues to help me make lemonade from the lemons that come my way." Susan understands the role of healing partner as a team player, one who shows up regularly to transport, take notes, hold hands, and offer practical and emotional support - "it's what we do on the Thursdays when we go to the City." A healing partner helps not only the person facing breast cancer, but also her spouse, family, and greater network of friends. Susan's efficient manner and grasp of medical details has gained her the confidence and appreciation of Roni's day-to-day partner and husband, Dr. Bill Mentzer. A website blog that Susan designed for Roni helps friends and family to stay connected and up-to-date with Roni's treatment and travel "time-off." A wife, mother of an adolescent girl and community volunteer, Susan juggles multiple life demands with ease and faces new challenges head on with her friend Roni.

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