For Supporting Dana Spicer 

Walt Spicer was the 2009 Healing Partner in recognition of his loving support as a husband and for his vision and leadership in the development of the Marin Cancer Institute.

Walt's association with Marin General Hospital began in 1992 as the cancer center was being built. He was encouraged by the Marin General Hospital Foundation to direct gifts made to the hospital in memory of his late wife, Susie Spicer, to the new cancer care center. MGHF also suggested that Walt get involved in the project, which he did with a great passion.

Walt Spicer assumed the “get it done" role. Having experienced first-hand what a cancer patient goes through, Walt knew what was needed. His inspiration was to humanize the center and bring comfort to the patients going through cancer treatment. Understanding that the environment is vitally important to a cancer patient, he wanted to create a place for helping and healing.

Many creative ideas became a reality in the new cancer center including the healing art displayed throughout the building, the healing and meditation gardens, the large backlit photo murals in the ceilings of the radiation therapy rooms, the design of the waiting room and the resource library. The original Susie Spicer Circle Library has evolved to the present Cancer Resource and Recovery Center. The recent remodel of the cancer center, now called the Marin Cancer Institute, retained Walt's vision of a place to bring comfort to patients undergoing cancer treatment.

In the interim, Walt met and subsequently married his second wife, Dana. In 1995, the Spicers moved to Napa. Later that year, Dana was diagnosed with breast cancer and Walt found himself once again in the role of healing partner. Walt guided Dana through her treatment and recovery. Through his love and healing support, Dana is now a 14 year breast cancer survivor. As a healer, Walt Spicer has supported two wives with cancer and his contributions to the Marin Cancer Institute have touched the lives of countless cancer patients and their families.

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