For Supporting Orah Sholin

Daliah Neuberger, San Francisco native and Novato resident, nurtured and cared for her sister, Orah Sholin, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year.

Orah and Daliah were very close growing up. After their parents died, Daliah moved to Marin to be closer to her only sister and her family. Being neighbors is only a part of the time they spend together. They also share their professional lives through their work at Tiburon's Temple Kol Shofar. When Orah was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, Daliah immediately took charge of her sister's care. After each chemotherapy treatment, Orah recuperated at Daliah's home. Daliah became her companion, cook, chauffeur, cap-knitter and doer of anything else that was needed to make her sister comfortable. After every chemo treatment, Daliah created a clever "chemo trading card" as a way of counting down the treatments until they were over.

Daliah was nominated for the Healing Partner award by her sister, Orah, in appreciation for the love and support she received from her beloved sister during the early stages of her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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