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Report Authorship

  • Breast Cancer and the Environment: Prioritizing Prevention. Interagency Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Coordinating Committee (February 2013).
  • California Breast Cancer Mapping Project: Identifying Areas of Concern in California. California Breast Cancer Mapping Project (November 2012).






publicationsSelected Publications

  • Osuch, J., Price, C., Barlow, J., Miller, K., Hernick, A. & Fonfa, A. A Historical Perspective on Breast Cancer and Activism in the US: From Education and Support to Partnership in Scientific Research. Journal of Women’s Health, April 2012.
  • Van Olphen, J., Ottoson, J., Green, L., Barlow, J., Koblick, K. & Hiatt, R. Evaluation of a Partnership Approach to Translating Research on Breast Cancer and the Environment. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education and Action. Fall 2009.
  • Kwan, M.L., Ambrosone, C.B., Lee, M.M., Barlow, J., Krathwohl, S.E., Ergas, I.J., Ashley, C.H., Bitter, J.R., Darbinian, J., Stronach, K., Caan, B.J., Davis, W., Kutner, S.E., Quesenberry, C.P., Somkin, C.P., Sternfeld, B., Wiencke, J.K., Zheng, S. & Kushi, L.H. The Pathways Study: a prospective study of breast cancer survivorship within Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Cancer Causes & Control, 2008.
  • Wrensch, M., Chew, T., Farren, G., Barlow, J., Belli, F., Clarke, C., Erdmann, C., Lee, M., Peskin-Mentzer, R., Quesenberry, C., Souders-Mason, V., Moghadassi, M., Spence, L., Suzuki, M. & Gould, M. Breast Cancer Risk in a High Risk Population. Breast Cancer Research, 2003, 5(4):R, 88-102.
  • Clarke, C., Glasser, S., West, D., Ereman, R., Erdmann, C., Barlow, J. & Wrensch, M. Breast cancer incidence and mortality trends in an affluent population: Marin County, California, USA, 1990-1999. Breast Cancer Research, 2002, 4 R13




Advisory Boards

  • Executive Steering Committee Member, National Institute of Environmental Health Science’s Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program.
  • Member, Public Interest Partners Coalition, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Member, Community Outreach and Translation Core, Center for Children’s Environmental Health, CHAMACOS, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley.
  • External Advisory Committee, Three Generation’s Study, Public Health Institute, Oakland, CA.
  • Advisory Board, Breast Cancer Mapping Project, California Department of Public Health.
  • Advocate member of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/National Cancer Institute’s Interagency Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Coordinating Committee.
  • Community Advisor, Racial and Ethnic Differences in Stage Specific Breast Cancer Survival, USC.
  • Member, Chemicals and Breast Cancer: Building on National Initiatives for Chemical Safety Screening, UC Berkeley.
  • Member, Cadmium, Age of Menarche and Early Pubertal Development in Girls, Cancer Prevention Institute of California.
  • Member, California Breast Cancer Survivorship Consortium, USC.
  • Steering Committee Member, Marin County Women’s Health Study’s Scientific and Community Advisory Board, Marin County Department of Public Health.
  • Members, Biomarkers for Environmental Exposures in Breast Cancer, UCSF.
  • Member, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology: Building on Toxcast and Tox21 validated assays for carcinogen screening, UC Berkeley.
  • Member, Community Advisory Board to the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCSF.
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